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Dive Into the New Age of Digital Business Transformation Solutions

Our Products

DTMS Enterprise.png

Digital Transformation Platform Enterprise

Innovation Patent by IP Australia: 2018100864

Global leading Integrated Digital Business Solutions Platform with built-in AI capabilities.
DTPE’s pioneering architecture has been built from the ground with a business focus to ensure simplicity, ease of use, simple configuration, and seamless integration within the platform or with external systems.
LeadVision decrypted the Digital Business Transformation Automation & Process Management puzzle with built-in AI Capabilities.


Enterprise Intelligence Portfolio Management

Innovation Patent by IP Australia: 2018101280

eIPM is a leading global SaaS digital PMO, Portfolio, Project, Strategy, and Idea Management Solution with built-in AI (Miro). Production-ready with built-in process and methodology, aligned to global standards and frameworks (PMBOK, GSF, Agile, Argenti & Enterprise Innovation Framework). First global integrated Digital PMO, Macro Strategy, Initiatives Assessment, KPI's and Idea Management with AI capabilities.


Integrated Operation Intelligence

LeadVision IOI, combined with LLM capabilities, revolutionises how organisations manage challenges, ideas, and initiatives. By aligning them with strategic goals, maximising resource utilisation, tracking cost benefits, and leveraging a state-of-the-art Digital PMO, our platform empowers you to drive transformative results. With true AI and native mobile access, LeadVision IOI enables you to stay ahead of the competition and unlock the full potential of your organisation. Embrace the power of LeadVision IOI and experience a paradigm shift in initiative management today.


Enterprise Operation Intelligence

Innovation Patent by IP Australia: 2018101282

The First AI Process Analyser to design, configure, apply and automate your operation process within minutes, where possible. It has built-in live process assessment for all active operation process bottlenecks. 
​It will propose an auto-corrective process path. 
EOI has a built-in AI enhancer to analyze resource performance based on capacity and process demand.
Increasing efficiency based on operation tasks complexity, skills gap, and assignment.

eOMS Logo.png


Enterprise Operation Management System
ERP Industries 4.0

eOMS is a modern ERP aligning to Industries 4.0 with build-in global best practices with a touch of AI and intelligent analytics leveraging the native integration between the solution (Finance, Budget, Procurement, Asset & Inventory, HR and Contract Management.
The genius of eOMS is the simplicity of use and initiative, reducing the need for comprehensive training. That will enable your business to digitalise, automate and adapt the solution within twelve weeks rather than 18 months with traditional ERP.

FMS Logo.png

Intelligence Capital
Project Platform

iCPP decrypts the puzzle within this sizeable complex Capital Project area of planning, design, resource (People & materials, and Equipment), contract obligations, contractors, suppliers, Project governance, compliance, budget, and deliverables, managing critical scope variation, and documents approval.

iCPP managed to achieve this complex equation with the built-in modern advanced architecture and built-in Project governance and methodology with a touch of AI. 


Intelligence Contract

What is iCM? It is a modern and simplified contract management solution. Why is iCM? iCM was built with the global standards, including CIPS methodology, to ensure contract compliance and best practices were adopted quickly out of the box.
Enables a single source of truth to track and update contract performance, dispute, KPIs, and T&C integrated with the relevant procurement, tender and project.


Digital Offset Management Platform

Innovation Patent by IP Australia: 2019100331

Global leading Integrated Digital Offset Management Platform with built-in AI capabilities.
It enables International Defence | Civil Contractors to fulfill offsets obligation by providing optimum flexibility and reducing traveling for ongoing negotiation. LeadVision decrypted the Digital Offset Management Platform with Automation & Process Management puzzle with built-in AI Capabilities.

IRI Icon_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Unlock Your Research Potential with RaaS and IRI

Discover the Future of Research Management and Collaboration!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in the world of research management and collaboration? Look no further than Research As a Service (RaaS) and Integrated Research Intelligence (IRI). This groundbreaking platform empowers researchers like you, streamlines research administration, and fosters seamless partnerships with industry partners and funders.

What is RaaS and IRI?

Picture a world where research management becomes effortless, where collaboration is intuitive, and where your research aspirations reach new heights. RaaS and IRI are here to bridge the gaps, elevate coordination, and transform your journey from ideation to commercialisation.

Integrated Research Intelligence (IRI) is Part Of Research As A Service (RaaS)


Intelligence Risks Management

Assessing Risk: Determine the Risk Rating by evaluating the Consequence and Likelihood Levels.

Prioritizing Highest Risk: Identify the highest combination of Consequence/Likelihood as the final risk rating, which will guide the implementation of proposed treatment action plans (TAPs).

Likelihood Rating: Assign a Likelihood or Frequency rating (1-5) that accurately reflects the probability of the Risk Event occurring based on its nature. Remember, the Likelihood and Frequency ratings are separate and unrelated measures.

Evaluating Consequences: Consider the relevant Consequence categories and assign appropriate ratings to the identified Risk Event.

Making an Acceptance Decision: Utilize the Risk Acceptance Criteria Table to determine the suitable response and decision based on the current risk rating.

Mobile App

LeadVision has launched its flagship Enterprise native App, DTPE, in the Apple Store & Google Play to our clients who have subscribed to our DTPE platform solutions and modules. The following executive features will be available at your fingertips.

  1. Strategy Management - Dashboard, Alerts & Approval

  2. Challenge & Idea Management tracking and collaboration 

  3. Project & Portfolio Management - Dashboard, Alerts & Approval

  4. Contracts Management - Dashboard, Alerts & Approval

  5. Project Tasks and Activities management (Scope, Change Request, Deliverable, Decision log, Communication Plan, Milestone, schedule, Resource management, and Doc. Management

  6. Operation Process & Requests Management - Tracking and updates

  7. Digital Minutes Tracker - Tracking and updates

  8. Timesheet Management - Tracking, updates & Approval

Wavy Abstract Background

Hello Miro!

Miro is Leadvision Artificial Intelligence Power-Brain.

  • Miro is an AI-integrated capability embedded in our DTPE platform across all solutions modules.

  • Miro Empowers and supports Senior Executives to make fast and effective decision-making responses as a single source of truth from a live integrated platform.

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