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How to Reduce PMO & Assurance by 50%, and Accelerate Project Delivery by 30% with LeadVision.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The key focus of EiPM is shifting to Industry 4.0 to bridge the gaps from Corporate Strategy silo, Performance measurement, and Project Delivery with ease.

"The new Era of SaaS beyond the Solution to enable turn-key Solutions and Services to capitalise on the benefits realisation now. "

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Suppose we try to learn anything from the car industry. In that case, we will see that after 120 years in the sector, Ford still needs to achieve what Tesla managed to do in 10 years with their operation, production efficiency, and delivery excellence.

It's the ability to shift from the traditional approach, which is still stable, but no longer agile to meet the demand and required speed.

Shifting one's approach is the lesson LeadVision leveraged in 2018, when we invented the first global digital PMO with ChatAI ('Miro') and Dynamic framework.

Our frameworks enable greater agility and easily incorporates a centralised corporate strategy, initiatives management, KPIs, Ideas Management, Resource Management, Contract Management, and Project delivery.

LeadVision started the new Era of SaaS blended with consultancy as a package to offer a turn-key true SaaS, reducing project cost, PMO and assurance by as much as 50%. This will accelerate delivery by as much as 30% by eliminating all the waste within the traditional methodology.

LeadVision solutions remove unnecessary processes and increase resource efficiency by focusing the energy on outcomes with our pioneer SaaS Digital PMO and Strategy Management eIPM Solution.

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