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You can achieve your company's digital strategic goals with LeadVision Advisory Team as part of GIC - Global Innovation Center.

LeadVision is what you do when you don't know what to do.

Simplicity is the key to success. It blends the art and science of problem-solving to achieve the best results. In contrast, over-complicating things stifles innovation. By keeping things straightforward, we unlock greater efficiency and creativity.



LeadVision is revolutionising the way businesses approach digital transformation. Our platform seamlessly integrates advanced AI capabilities, simplifying the complex puzzle of business process management and automation.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: We thoroughly examine your current technology, processes, and business models. This includes evaluating frameworks, methodologies, and business functions to understand your unique needs.

  2. Maturity Assessment: By assessing your organisation's maturity level, we identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your operations. Our approach is grounded in science, analytics, and sophisticated algorithms, ensuring precision in our recommendations.

  3. Optimized Operations: Our team evaluates your current staff and operational models. We then propose a robust Target Operating Model (TOM) that boosts resource efficiency and effectiveness, tailored specifically to your business's goals.

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Transform Your PMO with LeadVision's AI-Enhanced Digital Service - Save Costs and Boost Efficiency

  1. Experience Remarkable Cost Savings: Enjoy up to a 60% reduction in costs by leveraging eIPM's platforms, governance, and services.

  2. Boost Efficiency by 40%: Harness the power of AI for streamlined project operations, making your processes smarter and faster.

  3. Customised Consultation for Your Needs: Our team analyses your unique requirements to develop a solution that perfectly aligns with your organisational goals.

  4. Seamless Implementation: Trust our experts to integrate the AI-enhanced eIPM's Digital PMO module smoothly into your existing workflows.

  5. Empowering Training: We equip your team with comprehensive training, ensuring full confidence in utilising the platform, even in an outsourced model.

  6. Ongoing Support for Smooth Operations: Our dedicated support team, with deep project management expertise, is always on hand to assist in ensuring a smooth outsourcing experience.

Ready to Elevate Your PMO? Contact Us Today to Get Started!



  1. RaaS revolutionises research support, offering comprehensive end-to-end services for researchers and organisations.

  2. Seamlessly manage projects from start to finish using our advanced web and mobile apps, providing unparalleled access and insight throughout the five critical stages of commercialisation.

  3. Our service effectively fills any gaps in your research journey, ensuring a smooth and successful process.

  4. Benefit from the guidance of an experienced team with you at every research phase.

  5. Receive assistance in everything from idea generation and proposal pitching to budgeting, project execution, and risk management.

  6. Experience the convenience of managing your research on the go with the LV mobile app.

Join a community driven by a passion for research and innovation.



  1. In many industries, a great strategy often fails in execution. Why does this happen? At LeadVision, we've tackled this issue head-on. Our research and development focused on creating LeadVision, a tool that turns strategy into a clear, structured, and trackable process. It's not just theory; it's strategy backed by science.

  2. LeadVision revolutionises strategy execution. We've taken traditional frameworks and streamlined them for today's needs, removing outdated elements. Our state-of-the-art Intelligence Strategy Management System (iSMS) digitalises the entire process. It allows for comprehensive strategy analysis, including impact assessment, SWOT analysis, KPI tracking, and more, all from one centralised platform. This platform seamlessly integrates with operational management and idea generation, making LeadVision a one-stop solution for effective strategy execution.

  3. Discover how LeadVision can transform your strategy execution. Try it and experience the power of a scientifically grounded, measurable approach to strategy."



Optimize Your Project's Performance with LeadVision's Project Audit Service.

  1. Are you facing challenges with your ongoing project? LeadVision's Project Rescue Service is your solution. We specialise in revitalising troubled projects, providing a comprehensive assessment of your project's current state, focusing on key aspects such as governance, control, compliance, and consistency.

  2. Our expert team conducts a thorough audit and assessment, identifying any gaps in processes or compliance. With our strategic 'Red or Green Review', we bridge these gaps, ensuring your project aligns with industry best practices. This proactive approach significantly reduces risks and enhances the success of your current and future projects.

Trust LeadVision to bring your project back on track, mitigating risks and setting a strong foundation for future endeavours."



  1. At LeadVision, we revolutionise project delivery with our advanced digital platform, iPM. 

  2. Designed to ensure consistent and successful outcomes, iPM integrates a global methodology directly into our digital solutions. 

  3. Leveraging AI, it provides seamless guidance and support for managing complex projects, enabling effortless prediction and analysis. 

  4. With iPM, expect streamlined project management, enhanced predictability, and a higher success rate for all your projects." 

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